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Getting married is one of the most exciting events that can happen in your life. And knowing that you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone who you truly love, can give you an indescribable feeling and you just can’t help but make sure that your wedding is going to be perfect.

But of course, planning a wedding is not an easy thing to do, especially when you don’t know where to start. So if you are having trouble or if you don’t have any idea on where to start planning your wedding, then you better keep reading this article because this article will show you a step by step guide for a perfect wedding.

Set your budget.

It is always important to set your budget first, not just in a wedding, but on any occasion that requires you to throw out a party. You certainly don’t want to purchase expensive things that you know you can only use once. And besides, by having a budget, you will know how much you are going to spend on this specific task like book a venue, making an invitation and other wedding preparations.

Choose your wedding theme.

Although there are a lot of themes that you can choose from, it would be better to be unique or be different. You should always remember that your wedding theme is one of the highlights of your wedding. But if you are really having a hard time choosing one, you shouldn’t be worried because you can just search online for some examples and get inspiration from it. In a nutshell, when choosing your wedding theme, the best thing to do is to picture out what you want your wedding to look like.

Making a guest list.

Knowing the number of people who are going to attend your wedding is important because with this it will help you finalize the venue of your wedding and at the reception as well. When making a guest list, you should never forget to invite your family, relatives and close friends. And aside from that, you should also start planning who is going to be your entourage.

Set date and venue.

In setting a date, the best choice is to choose a date that is memorable to you and to your partner, like the day you became a couple or when your partner asked you to be his wife. And when it comes to choosing a venue, make sure that you have already finalized your guest list so that you can easily choose how big the venue should be.

Share your wedding information.

There are many ways to share the good news and one of them is by creating a Facebook page. We all know that we are now living in a world where there are full of technology. Lots of developers have developed different applications that are useful for us, some of these applications can help us with our study or running a business. And Facebook is just one of the created online applications that let us contact our friends or family easily. Creating a Facebook page is just a piece of cake because all you really have to do is to look for the Facebook page located on the right side. And after successfully locating it, the next thing to do is to design your page and type in the necessary details about your wedding. If you are satisfied with how your Facebook Page looks and the details you placed in it, you can now start adding some of your Facebook friends to that page. By having this, you can easily update your guests.

Sending invitations.

One of the things that all your guests are looking forward to is your invitation card. In an invitation card, it is where you are going to write the important details of your wedding like the venue of the said event, your entourage, theme, and where your reception will take place. The design of your invitation must complement the theme you chose for your wedding because this will serve as an impression to your guests.

Planning your reception.

Planning a reception program is going to be difficult, so it would be better if you are going to hire a professional wedding planner for this. By hiring a wedding planner, you don’t have to stress yourself out because all you have to do is to tell your wedding planner what you want for your reception to happen. Your wedding planner will be the one who is going to organize a program and it is up to you whether you are going to accept it or not. The wedding planner is also going to be the one responsible for the food tasting, arranging photographers and the design of your wedding reception. The money that you used in order to hire a wedding planner will not go to waste. And besides, by hiring one, you can have lots of time taking care of some other things like what you are going to wear, flowers and so on.

For the bride, make sure that the wedding dress that you are planning to wear is what you have been dreaming. Remember, this is your special day, all of your guests will be looking at you and this will only happen once, so you have to make sure that you won’t regret anything. The same thing goes for the groom, pick the best tuxedo you have and put it on.

By following this step by step guide, there is no doubt that your dream wedding will surely happen. The last thing that you just have to do is to make sure that before your big day, you are able to sleep and rest well. You should forget all your problems even just for a day and just enjoy and cherish the moment. Don’t ever regret your decision on spending a huge amount of money just for your dream wedding to happen, always remember that making memories is more important.

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