Singapore Frozen Meat Industry

Frozen food has been a big part in today’s modern diet, and for Singapore, it is not excluded. The frozen food consumption in Singapore has only just increased and the retail value of these frozen items were recorded 19.5 million USD in 2018. One of the biggest components to Singapore’s frozen food industry are the frozen meat products that are available on the market such as frozen poultry and frozen read meats, that is thankful to the wholesale meat singapore.

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Due disposable income and urbanization in Singapore, it is expected for the high amount of frozen food purchases, and will continue further to grow continuously due to the positive change in the perception of Singaporean locals on frozen meat. Other factors play a part in the increase in high amount of frozen meat purchases in Singapore are due to the cheap price, nutritional value, and easy preparation.

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However, due to the rising trend and popularity of quality meats, prices of meats are varied. Not all the prices of frozen meat might be all cheap, due to importation of quality meats in Singapore such as Wagyu beef and Kobe Beef. Even with the increased prices, the singaporean locals are still encouraged enough to purchase these frozen meat due to the high quality and flavourful taste that they offer.

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The Singaporean frozen food industry relies on the main component of freezing, in which are preserving healthy foods safely, that made frozen food staple in the modern age community that is both in local homes and in restaurant outlets. Singapore is also chosen as a hub for key exporters to merge into the frozen food industry, due to its strategic location. Upcoming food trends trends that are becoming popular may also help in increasing the frozen meat meat industry in Singapore.

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