How to Determine The Value of a Keyword?

Earlier we talked about the skills you need to have in order to master the SEO and Web Design. Apart from that, the keyword adds value to the website, but you need certain tools to determine the value of a keyword first. These tools will help you find the answers to your question on how to determine the value of the keyword research. All these keywords will be a great addition to expand your business website. Here are the six tools that you need to know to determine the value of the keyword:

First and foremost, I have included this tool in the previous article on keyword tricks. Yes, it is the Google Keyword Planner. It is the most common tool in SEO Malaysia keyword research. It is also known as Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner. But the disadvantage in this tool is the restriction in the search volume data. It restricts by lumping keywords to fit in the large search volume. Another one is the Google Trends that has used for seasonal keyword research. Apart from these two, there is Google Correlate. It is opposite from Google Trends, which means it allows to view the queries on the frequency and the pattern to the keyword. It is a free tool, and these three tools belong to Google’s keyword trend tool.

The second tool is the Moz Keyword Explorer, it gets the information monthly search volume. It extracts the search volume data accurately by using the live clickstream data, and it has the SERP features that could rank the keyword according to the term. Another tool under this is the Keyword Explorer’s Difficulty. It helps to narrow down the keyword option the phrases that you wanted to use, and it will rank it as well. The higher a keyword’s score, the more difficult it would be to rank for that term.

Thirdly, the AnswerThePublic is a free tool that commonly used to search common, question or even a specific keyword. It is a flexible tool where you can use it in tandem with another free tool such as Keywords Everywhere. It is to prioritise the suggestion of the tool by the search volume.

Next, the SpyFu Keyword Research Tool that provides a neat competitive keyword data to the user. By using these tools, you can identify the value of it, and you might consider using or changing the keywords.

Lastly, you can book any of the SEO specialist to guide you these process for the keyword. They will show you exactly how to do it and make your SEO project successful.