Essential Features of Field Force Management

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Field force is a team of salesmen who represents a company advertising or selling their brand. Most of them are paid based on quotas. But there are times when their pay is fixed and in times like these, the business owner would be in a dilemma if their hired salesmen are indeed doing their part. 

The best field force management software in Malaysia can be used in doing that. Check out its essential features:

  1. A chance to understand your leads better

Yes, this is quite possible as through an app that can be downloaded in your mobile phone, you can monitor the activities of your leads, like the websites they check and so on.

     2. Track the whereabouts of your field force team

If you are wondering if your field force is indeed doing their job, you can travel with them using your own live geo-tracking app. This is one of the perks of using the best field force management.

    3. Guide your reps about new leads near them

Yes, you can guide your team for a new lead that you can check using your mobile phone. This app is just perfect for every business. You can check out the best sales force automation in Malaysia.

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